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2010 Master List / Timeline

2009 Master List / Timeline

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JJY = Jaejoong, Junsu, & Yoochun. ^_^
HoMin = Yunho & Changmin
Shenzhen was supposed to be a bright light amidst the drama of the lawsuit, but became a drama all on its own.

Updated 2009.12.29!

Why was Shenzhen cancelled?Collapse )
And the saga continues. This topic thread will cover the period from the first court hearing on August 21, to the court's preliminary decision on October 27.

Yee-haw!Collapse )
On July 31, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu filed a lawsuit for provisional disposition to invalidate the exclusivity clause in their contract with SM Entertainment. They also filed a preservation of evidence request which would require SM Entertainment to turn over a ton of paperwork related to TVXQ's earnings to the court. This post will cover the period from July 31 through part of August, during which the initial media flurry and press conferences occurred.

July 31, a day that shall live in infamy...Collapse )
The lawsuit drama is all in Korea, so what's going on with Tohoshinki in Japan and what does Avex have to say about it?

Updated 2010.01.29

Konnichiwa, welcome to Japan...Collapse )
Changmin was cast as the lead in a new drama, Paradise Ranch. Are they filming? Yes, they are filming. When will it air? Soon, we hope!

Updated 2010.01.29!

Where has Changmin been during all this...Collapse )
Fancams of TVXQ arriving in Korea on August 2nd, 2009, days after JJY file lawsuit.

Fans and news media surround the boys...Collapse )
The long and possibly-sordid CreBeau tale.

Updated 2009.12.12!

Placenta, anyone?Collapse )
This is the master post. It contains a time line of events related to the TVXQ lawsuit, with links to posts here at tvxq_legal_log detailing the news items. This master list will be updated frequently. This is still a work in progress and there are many non-working links and links to be added. When we say "up to date", we mean the topic is basically complete. It does not necessarily mean we have the latest breaking news that was posted 10 minutes ago. :)

Progress Report: (as of January 1, 2010)
Master List: We are still backdating and linking.
Lawsuit Topic:

* July 31 to mid-August (lawsuit filed to just before first court hearing)
* August 21 to October 27 (first court hearing to preliminary court decision)
* November 2 to present (SM's press releases to present)
Japan/Avex Topic: Updating new information.
CreBeau Topic: Up to date.
Shenzhen Topic: Up to date.
MAMA Topic: Up to date.
JJY's Smile Again Fan Meeting: Updating new information.
Changmin Solo/Paradise Ranch: Up to date, but still looking for some sources.
Current/Former SM Artists: Up to date.
TVXQ Return to Korea 8/2/09: Complete.
SMTown '09 Topic: Updating new information.
New! Hangeng's Topic: Updating as new info comes in.
SM Entertainment Financial Topic: We are still working and will post a topic soon.
More Solo Projects Topics: We are still working and will post topic(s) soon.
Members' "Outside Income" Topic: We are still working and will post a topic soon.
General Entertainment Industry Topic: We are still working and will post a topic soon.

More topics coming soon...

We are not including rumors unless they are directly related to the legal issues and have SOME credibility.

Welcome to the TVXQ Legal Log. This community is an attempt to maintain an orderly clearinghouse of information regarding the TVXQ lawsuit and related issues. We will provide links to various translated and untranslated news, and offer some comments on reliability, when applicable. We welcome comments, corrections, additions, and translations. The intention of this community is to be a resource, primarily once news has already been posted elsewhere.

Please follow us on twitter (@TVXQLegalLog) for notification about new posts and about updates/corrections to existing posts.

A note about reliability...
Determining reliability for any news item is two-fold: how likely it is the news item has been reported correctly, and how likely it is the news item is actually correct. Example: XYZ News reports Youngwoong Jaejoong says his favorite color is blue. First, did XYZ News correctly report what Jaejoong said? And second, is Jaejoong's favorite color actually blue? Keep these things in mind.

A note about links...
Because this is livejournal, we are linking to translated news stories posted primarily on livejournal. The parentheses behind each article title is the location to which the link goes, because you, as a reader, have the right to know where you're being sent. It may not be the original place the translation was posted, and you can learn all the information about who translated and which sparkling fan forum or blog has added its name to the credits when you get there. The second link is to the original source. We may have a list of "similar stories" (untranslated) listed, as well. And when we say "similar", we mean we think these articles cover the same general information, but since they're not translated we don't know for sure. (Corrections welcomed.)

A note about translations...
We are not translators, and cannot vouch for the accuracy of any translations we link. If you see errors, please let us know! Please note that most translators don't link the original source when they post their translations. Thus we have to dig through online sources to try to find that original source -- sometimes we get it wrong! So let us know about those kinds of errors too.

Rare is the situation in which one party is completely accurate and truthful, and all others are lying scumbags. Communication, or lack thereof, is an enormous factor in defining any one party's "truth." Reality is usually a grey area somewhere in the middle ofseveral highly-colored points of view.
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