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TVXQ Legal Log
[Correction] Jaejoong offered role in Iris? Not according to Newsen! 
12 02 09 [mod post]
Guess what guys? Sports Seoul picked this up from an outdated Newsen feed. Check the bottom of the article and it's obvious. Don't know why people want so desperately to spread this when they know it's from a now-deleted story!

8:03 on the morning of December 1 in Korea, Newsen posted an article about season 2 of the hit TV series, "Iris." It claimed that Jaejoong had been approached about a possible role, but turned it down.


About an hour after posting the article, NEWSEN CHANGED IT and removed the references to Jaejoong. This could be part of some ~*conspiracy*~ but most likely Newsen was correcting a mistake or removing something they hadn't yet properly confirmed. Who knows, we may see another story about this soon. ^^

Compare the current version of the article with the original posted on the morning of December 1:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
You can see the final paragraph has been changed. Without even reading Korean, you can use control-F to search the page for Youngwoong Jaejoong (영웅재중) or just Jaejoong (재중), and you'll see his name is no longer anywhere in the current article. ^^

Our beloved translators in TVXQ fandom were quick on their toes and caught the article when it was first released. It simply was not the article's final version and now the information about Jaejoong has spread everywhere!

We're not saying Jaejoong was not offered the role, but the article that made the claim HAS REMOVED THE INFORMATION. Take this as you will. ^^

None of the translators or people who posted this around the net did anything wrong at all, and we appreciate their hard work!
12 02 09 (UTC)
tsk. journalists are getting sloppy.
12 02 09 (UTC)
pfft, what else is new? ^_~ But really, this is very common in online news.
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